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Noch #1 - April 2013

What Matters Now? (What Can't You Hear?)

Vv.Aa. Edited by Daniela Cascella and Paolo Inverni


Release date: April 2013
ISBN: 9781783011179

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What Matters Now? (What Can't You Hear?) is an anthology of sixteen newly-commissioned texts, ranging from music criticism to short fiction, from visual poetry to art writing, responding to the prompts expressed in the title.

Texts by Cheryl Tipp, Chiara Guidi, David Toop, Francesco Tenaglia, Helena Hunter, Ivan Carozzi, James Wilkes, Luciano Chessa, Mike Cooper, Patrick Farmer, Salomé Voegelin, Sandra Jasper, Simone Bertuzzi, Stefano Scalich, Steve Roden, Tone Gellein.

Table of contents:

  • Titlepage
  • Colophon
  • Listening to the Stars by Salomé Voegelin
  • Señoras by Ivan Carozzi
  • Poor Wat, with Listening Ear by James Wilkes
  • In Relation to by David Toop
  • In the Dust, I Can Hear the Slowly Falling by Steve Roden
  • Whole Lotta Love by Francesco Tenaglia
  • You Know Who You Are by Stefano Scalich
  • Scryings by Helena Hunter
  • Listening to Lost Voices by Cheryl Tipp
  • To You, Poor Actor! by Chiara Guidi
  • One's Crackling Skin to the Screaming Jowl by Patrick Farmer
  • Three Program Notes (2007/09/10/11/12) by Luciano Chessa
  • Architecture for Expanded Listening. Hans Scharoun's Philharmonie in Berlin by Sandra Jasper
  • Mexican Firecrackers by Simone Bertuzzi
  • Listening Better by Mike Cooper
  • Shake by Tone Gellein
  • Biographies
  • Acknowledgements